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Blonde chick with perfect ass in spanking movie



Blonde hot chick in spanking movie action

Hi everybody, after quite long time I have finally found video quality enough that it is worth posting here on Spanking Movies. If you visit this blog often you know that I’m fan of sexy blondes and especially those who has such sexy ass as this one has. In this spanking movie you can see this blonde dressed in sexy skirt. I think that for spanking movies skirts are really the most sexy clothes girl can wear. You just pull her panties down, pull the skirt up and that sexy ass is ready for some good spanking. This blonde really needed to get disciplined and that is exactly what this old bald guy in suit in this video does. I’m sure all of you fans of this blog would like to be there instead of him. Who wouldn’t?


Blonde with beautiful ass in spanking movie

So far we had here only very few blondes and that is really shame, because I love blondes, especially those who has so sexy sweet firm as this one. If there is some place on the web, where guys should appreciate girl with beautiful ass, then of course it is blog about spanking movies like this one. In video I have for you today you can see one really lovely blonde school girl. These girls you can see in spanking movies have really bad luck. I don’t know how these girls are doing it, but it is true that they always do something wrong and so they need to be punished with some proper spanking. In this case it is really very hot spanking because this blonde girl has so sexy ass. I love spanking movies as this one, especially because this chick is not only sexy, but also because she wears that skirt.

Hell, it would be really hard for me to find something what I like more than movies where gets her skirt pulled up and spanked really hard. If you also like these things that is is video you will enjoy for sure.

Sweet chick gets her pretty ass spanked by lucky guy

When I’m in bad mood I watch some good spanking movie as this one and it always helps. There is really great power in these movies, that is something I’m absolutely sure about. I don’t know if there is something better than these beautiful young chicks with perfect asses. This guy is without any doubt very lucky bastard, from spanking movies I have seen it looks like his job is to spank these sweet hotties. That is surely job everyone who visits this place would like to have, isn’t it?
Girl with sweet ass getting spanked

Quality OTK hand spanking in spanking movie

When I about beautiful things in live, it is always very hard to find something what I like more than give girl hard hand OTK spanking. Of course not every day is so great and that is one of the reasons why I watch spanking movies. With spanking movies, you can enjoy good hand OTK spanking every day and if you want even thousand times. Of course you need to know good places where to find such spanking movies and the site most of the videos here on my blog are from surely is such place. Today I have for you another preview video from that site with spanking movies. In this video you can see one sexy chick with very beautiful tight ass how she is getting that delicious ass spanked properly, because , as usual, she was bad girl!
Quality OTK in spanking movie

Spanking in movies

Hello, there is something reeally very hot about spanking in movies and because this blog is called spanking in movies there should not be only new spanking videos, but also some of those old classic spanking scenes from “normal” movies. So from time to time you will find here among those videos from my favorite spanking sites some clips where you can see spanking action in real “normal” movies. Ok huys, lets start with one great spanking from one classic movie from former Czechoslovakia. This clip is slightly longer so check it out right after 2:00 and you will see one really very nice spanking :) Personally I just love this movie and not only because of the spanking scene, the whole movie is really perfect, but of course this spanking scene made it almost perfect for me.

Sexy french maid getting spanked

Hi all, do you like hot costumes in spanking movies? I’m definetely a costume guy and I just love almost all those costumes you can see in spanking videos and specially those french maids are something so hot. I just cannot resist them and that is one of the reason why today update is with one really luscious french maid with perfect ass. Check out how she is getting that hot young ass spanked hard by one really strict lady who knows what to do with such bad girls. I would love to have such french maid and I’m sure she would do lot of mistakes that needs to be solved with proper spanking. You cannot miss out this awesome chick in sexy dress you can see in this spanking movie.
Sexy french maid getting spanked

Sweet Emma gets caught playing with her pussy, gets bent over bed and caned

Do you like sweet young bad chicks? Of course you do, because everyone do. In this spanking movie you can see one of these chicks, her name is Emma and she is typical young horny chick. In this spanking movie you can see how she plays with her always horny pussy on bed and gets properly disciplined. In this video she gets OTK spanked and then bent over bed and properly caned. Her luscious ass really needed to get disciplined, really nice spanking movie we have here this time.
Spanking after masturbation

Spanking movie audition

When some girl wants to be spanking movie star, there must of course first be audition if she is the good enough for that. As you can see, today I have for you something different then usual, today I don’t have for you any spanking movie, but one video where you can see see just small part of such audition with one really nice and sweet girl that looks really so hot and sexy and her ass is so spankable that it is almost sure that she was made for spanking.
Girl wants to be spanking movie star

Bad schoolgirl getting her young ass spanked

Hi, schoolgirl spanking is really absolutely classic spanking movie scenario and I think that it is absolutely ok. There are simply not many things that are better then proper spanking of some really sweet sexy schoolgirl and this one you can see in this video is very good example of that. Check out how this chick in this spanking movie is getting OTK spanked with her white panties still on, then you can see her also without those panties how she is getting that luscious butt caned.
Schoolgirl in spanking movie

Spanking movies from English Spankers

Hi folks, when it comes to spanking movies, there are really not many companies that creates high quality spanking movies, so I’m very happy that something like English Spankers exists, because from those few companies that creates quality spanking movies, English Spankers are absolute top. Check out this video where you can see their work in few short previews. I’m sure that every fan of spanking will find something among their big amount of videos.
Some hot spanking movies