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Naughtiest Pupil of The School Lucy Learns how To Behave

Hello, let me introduce you Lucy, the naughtiest girl of St. Justs school. she is really bad girl, but also very sexy one, just the best girl for quality spanking movie. In this video you can see how new master of St. Justs school for young ladies is taking his very first detention class and unfortunately, in his very first class he meets Lucy. Lucy refuses to carry out her punishment so there is no other option than giving her some proper spanking. You really do not want miss this video out, full version of this spanking movies is one of the best I’ve seen in 2013.

Schoolgirls Getting Spanked At Barn

Drinking is really bad for young girls and sometimes drinking can be also something really painful for them. that is the experience of these two young ladies in this spanking video Lizzie and Clover. These two girls has been caught drinking win eat school farm so they need learn a leeson. Check out this spanking movie where you can see Lizzie and Clover getting their juicy young asses spanked, first on knickerd bottoms and then on the bare.

Sexy Rich Girl Stacey Tastes Her Own Medicine

I’m sure you know girls like Stacey, those young ladies who has plenty of money because their parents are rich and they don’t know what to do with their money and just with themselves. She is perfect example of such spoilt young lady. This Stacey really wanted her own horse and because her father is rich, she got one. Well, she has not been treating her horse very well, because in fact she does not want this horse, she wants some cute pony instead. Vet that has been called in to check out the horse soon realizes where the problem actually is – Stacey has been overusing her whip on the horse very much. Vet tells her that he will inform her father about what shes been doing to the horse and of course that is something what Stacey really does not want. The vet suggested alternative punishment for her, as you can see in this spanking movie, you can see how Stacey tastes her own medicine in her sexy bare young ass.

Kiki In Pyjama Getting Spanked

Hello, its been long time since last update, but here I’m again. Last update on this blog was first video from the “pyjama club”, which are videos with sexy girls in pyjama getting spanked. I have to admit that pyjamas never were my “thing”, but they are now. After I’ve seen few videos with this stuff I started to like it very much. I don’t know what it is, but there is something very sexy on girls in pyjamas, In this video you can see again that beautiful brunette Kiki we could already see in some videos, this time in sexy pyjamas getting spanked good.

Brunette in pyjama getting spanked

Have you ever heard about pyjama spanking club? I’m almost 100% sure that you did not, because it is something absolutely new. If you are fan of lovely chicks in pyjamas, then you really gonna like this club. Uncle Paul is true expert in this and he loves all sexy young ladies in all kinds of sexy pyjamas. Uncle Paul’s pyjama spanking club is completely new series of spanking movies where you can see these lovely girls in pyjamas spanked. Check out this preview video, it looks really promising. I’m personally big fan of this stuff. Don’t know much why, but it is true that these young hotties looks really very hot while wearing pyjamas with no panties under them.

Spanking in pyjama

Kiki needs more

In last update we could see Kiki in spanking movie for very first time, but as you can see in this picture, it was not enough for her and she wants more. Kiki is one of those girls who actually enjoys hard spanking and since she passed the first test in previous video. This you can see her in something harder, because this time her ass is not going to be simply spanked, but her ass is gonna meet cane of Sarah Bright and that is something what is definetely gonna be quite painful experience. This is really awesome old fashioned caning and Kiki’s ass is red and beautiful after this hard spanking action.

Kiki getting spanked for very first time

So far we have had here lot of different and beautiful chiks, but I do not remember if we ever had here some first timers. I think that not and that is what makes this update really special, because this sexy girl Kiki first timer really is. This Kiki simply wanted to know what it is like to be properly spanked and that is the reason why you can see this hottie getting precious ass spanked in this clip where this Aunty Katie teaches her how to behave.

Sweet brunette Paradise getting tiny ass spanked

If sexy young brunette chicks with lovely tiny asses are something what you like to see in spanking films, then this video is something you must see. This Paradise is really one of the most lovely chicks I have seen in spanking movie for some time and her sexy tiny young ass looks like it is just begging for some quality spanking. In this video you can see her getting OTK spanked by this old Aunty Katie and you can be sure that she knows what to do with these young bad girls.

Danielle and Paradise punished hard

Danielle and Paradise are two schoolgirls who have been behaving bad and so now they are in troubles. Well, especially one part of their hot bodies is in trouble and if you guess that the part is their bottom, then of course you are right. In this spanking film you can see that these two schoolgirls have really top quality asses, just perfect for good hard spanking. This is trully exactly that kind of video I could watch every day and it is great that these guys do now such quality stuff. They are really getting better and better.

Blonde chick with perfect ass in spanking movie



Blonde hot chick in spanking movie action

Hi everybody, after quite long time I have finally found video quality enough that it is worth posting here on Spanking Movies. If you visit this blog often you know that I’m fan of sexy blondes and especially those who has such sexy ass as this one has. In this spanking movie you can see this blonde dressed in sexy skirt. I think that for spanking movies skirts are really the most sexy clothes girl can wear. You just pull her panties down, pull the skirt up and that sexy ass is ready for some good spanking. This blonde really needed to get disciplined and that is exactly what this old bald guy in suit in this video does. I’m sure all of you fans of this blog would like to be there instead of him. Who wouldn’t?